Your savings shouldn’t be losing value sitting in your bank account.

Make your money work for you with BetterThanHold, the most reliable crypto trading bot to manage your Bitcoin investment. A unique solution that works to consistently outperform the crypto market.

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The 6 key points that make us unique

Why BetterThanHold is the best cryptocurrency trading bot?

Outperform the crypto market

A time proven trading strategy you can rely on to beat the market over the long run. A price-action based system that keeps your capital at the mathematically right side of the market.

Keep your Bitcoin

Our service will never ask to custody your funds. Your Bitcoin will always remain at your Binance exchange and will be managed from there.

0% stress. 100% automated trading

No need to stay up all night or set an early alarm to have a good risk management. The automated trading software takes care of all the orders so you don’t have to.

Stay in control

Pause and restart the crypto trading bot as often as you see fit. You can enter and exit the market, whenever, wherever.

Get instant liquidity

No locks. No ties. Using our service means you're always in full control, you'll always have full flexibility over what you do with your Bitcoin.

Invest in Bitcoin hassle free

Trading Bitcoin can be tricky. We’ve made investing in Bitcoin as simple as possible so you can get the most out of your funds, without any of the complications.


Our mind-blowing track record. Your Bitcoin investment will be no different.

BetterThanHold is a crypto trading bot designed to maximize returns by having a better risk management of your Bitcoin investment. ¹

Here you can see how the trading strategy (after exchange fees) has consistently outperformed relative benchmarks such as the S&P 500 and Gold.² You can use this interactive chart to test how your investment would have performed.

  USD investment since

% vs. % % vs. % % vs. %
A metric telling you how much, on average, the strategy is yielding year after year.
BetterThanHold has been yielding 1.2 times more returns than Bitcoin every year, 20.5 times more than the S&P 500 and 17.8 times more than Gold.
% vs. % % vs. % % vs. %
How much of your portfolio you would have lost historically, from its top valuation to the worst since then.
Bitcoin lost more than 83% of its value during 2017-2018. That is 2.5 times more than BetterThanHold. The S&P 500 lost more than 56% during 2007-2009, and Gold lost more than 46% during 2011-2015.
x Better x Better x Better
It’s the comparison of how much of a drawdown you have to tolerate to get the expected annualized returns. A greater ratio means the system is yielding more returns while tolerating less downside risk.
It has delivered % annualized returns to date, beating nearly all asset classes. The secret sauce of our crypto trading bot?
These 3 fundamentals ensure you can ride Bitcoin’s highs and lows and lock your portfolio value in USD when the price goes down. Mitigating risk while using a time proven system.³
One important note… we want to be clear from the outset. The strategy has reported periods of drawdowns like any other investment. Should you choose to use BetterThanHold you may undergo periods of underperformance and losses. We are long-term investors and firmly believe that a long-term investment horizon is the right approach that offers the best results. Riding out short-term lows is key to achieving higher returns.

1. Any data, text or other content on this page is provided as general market information and not as financial advice.

2. All performance data for BetterThanHold and Bitcoin has been calculated over the period 2017-2022 using Binance BTC-USDT pair (full history). S&P 500 and gold data has been calculated over the last 20+ years. BetterThanHold data includes the discount of a 0.125% fee per trade. Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future results.

3. Charts show real system performance over the last years.

How does it work?

A set & forget service. Yet keeping you in full control.

After you subscribe to a Plan, you only need to set up your Telegram Dashboard and link your exchange. Your account will be working in just 5 minutes following an easy one-time process where we tell you exactly what to do.

We will send you an email with a unique link to set up your Telegram Dashboard, the secure channel to communicate with BetterThanHold.

By clicking the link, you start the setup process so that our crypto trading bot can start managing your funds at your chosen exchange. ​

And that’s all you need to do. As easy as it sounds.

Once your exchange account is linked with BetterThanHold you don’t have to worry about anything else. It just works.
And yes! You can use your exchange account normally, this is a service designed to keep you in full control. BetterThanHold will only manage BTC and USD¹ assets.
1. BetterThanHold uses USD or the equivalent asset with most liquidity on each exchange to guarantee minimum slippage. On Coinbase Pro uses local FIAT currency, on Binance uses USDT, on BitMEX uses XBTUSD Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract, on Bitfinex uses USD, on Kraken uses USD, on Bittrex uses USD.

What do our clients say about us?

Behind the scenes

The backbone of the easiest software to invest in Bitcoin.

BetterThanHold is an external service that syncs with your desired exchange. This means you are the only owner of your funds. BetterThanHold lets you manage your funds in a smart and automated way.

BetterThanHold uses Telegram for privacy and convenience, this gives you a secure multi-platform environment to communicate with it.

Crypto trading bot
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

A service you will love. Or you get your money back.

That’s it. If you decide to cancel your membership during the first 30 days you will be refunded the whole first payment. No questions asked.
We are sure you are going to love our service because this is something we meticulously developed for us.
Every bit of expertise, hard work and attention to the detail has led to this beautiful product, which was intended to manage our funds at first.
And now we are opening it for everyone who wants a hassle-free Bitcoin investing experience.

The deadline to get your crypto under control is now

Giving you the best service is our priority and our focus is always to keep quality over quantity.

Interest for the cryptocurrency market is growing exponentially. Tens of thousands of investors like you are looking for the best solution to handle their Bitcoin investment in a smart way. Now you have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use our service and put your money at work. (Don’t miss it!)

But what about...?

Sure, it’s completely normal to still have some questions… and they are probably answered in our FAQs! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you still miss any answer 🙂

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Each subscription plan has been specially designed with a specific investor type in mind. Check them now and see which one fits best with you.

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